Changes in Police

Shape of Things to Come

Shape of Things to Come

The Polish government has passed a draft amendment to the Police Act and some other acts which were proposed by the Minister of Interior. The draft amendment hopes to create a new, separate central unit within the police force, the Central Police Bureau of Investigation (CBŚP). The head of the CBŚP will be directly supervised by the Chief Constable. “We will broaden the autonomy and increase the efficiency of the current Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚ). We have solved many of the dilemmas with which we have been dealing for years,” said Prime Minister Donald Tusk at a recent press conference. It seems that the head of the CBŚP would have both operational and reconnaissance powers. These are similar to that of the Chief Constable and provincial police commanders. One of the vital changes in this act is the visible clarification that one of the main tasks of the police is fighting terrorism. This will be implemented through the use of special police cells and units which deal with anti-terrorism in Poland. The police have the most wide-ranging and specialised skills to fight terrorism, deal with explosives, make high-risk arrests, and support VIP security.

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