Euro Adoption Not for Years

Euro Time?

Euro Time?

Poland’s willingness to adopt the Euro could be greater than ever before because of the Ukrainian crisis. However, this is not an economic argument. The discussion on adopting a common European currency as a way of reinforcing the economy has been fired up following the Russian invasion of Crimea and destabilisation in the region. “This is a very distant vision, which would take years. By the time it happens, the Ukrainian crisis will be well over,” believes Daniel Gros, director of the think tank Centre for European Policy Studies. According to Gros, short-term turbulences in sovereign currencies are normal on the backdrop of such crises, but they are of secondary importance for the economy. Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre director also feels Euro adoption has psychological overtones.” Euro zone membership is of psychological importance. The citizens of a country feel even more integrated with the EU as well as the support of Germany, the EU’s largest state,” says an expert. In the event of a crisis, the country in question also has the support instruments of the euro zone and the relief fund that Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain currently benefit from. “The euro zone can help members manage such risks. But I do not see any risk at the moment,” claims an economist.

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