Forbes 2014 Rich List

Yes, I'm Rich

Yes, I’m Rich

Forbes magazine has published its list of the richest people in the world. The top ten have changed significantly. Carlos Slim Helu is no longer the richest man on earth. In third place is Amancio Ortega with an estimated wealth of $64 billion. In second place is the above-mentioned Carlos Slim with $72 billion. However, the richest man on the planet is, once again, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft with an enormous fortune of $76 billion. There are five Polish people on the Forbes’ list, however, they have not even made it into the top one hundred. Jan Kulczyk is the richest Pole, in 430th place, with an estimated fortune of $3.6 billion. A few places lower is Zygmunt Solorz-Żak with $3.5 billion. Leszek Czarnecki comes in 731st with $2.4 billion, followed by Michał Sołowow (in 764th place with $2.3 billion) and Dariusz Miłek (1565th with $1 billion).

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