High Unemployment for Women

Polish Unemployment

Polish Unemployment

According to research conducted by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, there is cause for concern regarding the unemployment rate in Poland due to the fact that some statistics show that it is much higher among women than men. Regular unemployment figures are similar for both sexes, however, women constitute 60% of people who have been unemployed longterm. Men are still favoured on the job market, even though women are often better educated. For years the unemployment rate has been higher among women than men. Job market research shows that men are employed more often than women, despite legislation such as parental leave, which applies to both parents. Women were more often made redundant during the first signs of the economic crisis. “This is not only a Polish tendency. It has been discussed in the EU for a long time and there are many programmes attempting to fight it. EU stats also show that women are far less readily employed than men. What is worrying is the fact that this phenomenon is widely considered to be a barrier for economic growth in the EU,” says Agnieszka Kramm, psychologist and psychotherapist at Women’s Place (Fundacja Miejsce Kobiet), a Polish foundation which supports women and their development in various spheres of life.

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