Ukrainian Migrant Workers Die

Yet Another Crash

Yet Another Crash

A bus with a group of Ukrainian migrant workers was involved in a crash near Warsaw. 29-year-old driver Paul Tsyganchuk from Kolomiya died on the spot. This is the third serious accident involving migrant Ukrainian workers in the last year (in July Ukrainian labourers from Italy were involved in a crash in Hungary, and the year before nine farm workers died in Poland). Twenty-four Ukrainians were returning home from Poznań to Kolomiya, in the province of Ivano-Frankivsk. The Neoplan bus crashed into an Opel that was driving out of a side road in the township of Wola Ducka, outside Warsaw. The bus and car flew into a ditch and turned over. Both drivers were killed on the spot and half of the passengers were badly injured, bruised or cut. Most of them have already taken another bus back to Kolomiya. Three women are most seriously injured and are still in a Warsaw hospital with facial wounds, spinal injuries and damage to internal organs. An investigation by Polish police into who or what caused the accident is still ongoing. The crossroads where the accident took place is considered dangerous with a speed limit of 50km/h preceeding it.

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