Child Depression

Help Needed

Help Needed

According to Rzeczpospolita, there is a lack of money for the psychiatric care of children and young people and what is more, the number of people in need of help is increasing. It is the second time this year that Marek Michalak, Ombudsman of Children’s Rights, has tried to draw the attention of Bartosz Arłukowicz, Poland’s Minister of Health, to the fact that children and young people have problems accessing specialist psychiatrists. This is because such medical procedures are priced too low. Michał Stelmanski, chairman of the Mazovia Regional Centre of Neuropsychiatry in Zagórz says, “Our debt for 2013 is approximately PLN 2.8m. We no longer know where we can make savings and cut costs. We restructured the hospital, modernised it and most of the personnel earn a minimum wage.” The problem with financing child psychiatry comes from the fact that no one has taken into consideration that child psychiatry costs much more than adult psychiatry. Meanwhile, the percentage of children and young people with mental health problems is on the increase. In 2013, twice as many young patients applied for care in one of Warsaw’s mental health institutions compared to the year before.

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