Support for Ukrainians

Supporting Ukraine

Supporting Ukraine

Support is being given and money and medicine collected for Ukraine’s pro-EU supporters. Volunteers in Kiev are monitoring incidents of human rights violations and assisting those who have been injured. Ukrainians who live in Poland are asking for help to obtain refugee status. The Education for Democracy Foundation is collecting funds for Ukrainian protesters. The funds will be used to help those who were repressed and injured during the Maidan demonstrations. The account number where money can be donated is 18 1240 1037 1111 0010 4591 0813. Money can also be placed in the donation box at Warsaw’s Greek-Catholic Church on Miodowa street. Also, the charity organisation Caritas Polska has asked people to provide assistance for Ukraine. Alicja Wysocka, from the Caritas press office said, “Caritas is collecting money in order to buy medicine and food for the needy.” People who want to help those most in need in Ukraine can make payments to Caritas Polska, account number PL 77 1160 2202 0000 0000 3436 4384 and mark the payment ‘Ukraine’.

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