T-mobile and Play Join Forces

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

P4, owner of mobile operator Play, will be cooperating exclusively with T-mobile in the use of local roaming. Their previous main partner Polkomtel (owner of Plus) will therefore lose out on the deal. In the upcoming weeks, P4 and T-mobile will establish closer ties than ever before. According to our sources, T-mobile will take over all of Play’s roaming services. However, neither of the partners wish to comment on this information. Local roaming makes it possible for operators to use other networks when the user loses the signal of their own operator. Play has built its own transmitters, mainly in urbanised areas. However, outside towns and cities P4 needs to cooperate with other networks. From 2006 to 2013 Play signed agreements with Plus, Orange and T-mobile. Plus was its main partner until now which, according to market analyses, made approximately PLN 100 million per year. Play cooperated with Orange only nominally. The director of T-mobile Miroslav Rakowski said that the operator will establish its own LTE network by the first half of 2014. He also announced that T-mobile wants to be the leader of Poland’s mobile networks. This and the fact that in the upcoming auction of the LTE frequency (800 MHz) both operators could win three bandwidths (5 MHz each) means that Play would rather cooperate with T-mobile than with Plus, especially if P4 wants to provide its clients with the fastest mobile internet access in the country. This will only be possible if Play cooperates with T-mobile and they share their LTE frequencies with each other.
Gazeta Prawna

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