Tenders: Price Not Quality

Is Cheapest Best?

Is Cheapest Best?

During a conference on the public procurement market, organised by the BCC, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, head of the Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK), acknowledged the fact that in recent years Poland has had one of the largest construction markets in Europe. “On the other hand, we are dealing with a spectacular collapse of Polish construction companies, which were unlucky enough to be subcontractors in large investments projects,” he stressed. He believes that it is not right that the single decisive criterion in more than 90% of public tenders is the lowest price. “The Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK) advocates the need to change the provisions of the Public Procurement Act,” he said. He added that it is all about “product life cycle and cost analysis.” He declared that NIK may engage in the development of a methodology for this analysis. NIK also wants contractors to be exempt from submitting documents if the ordering party can obtain information contained in those documents from existing databases and registers. “Surely such a solution will contribute to speeding up work in public procurement selection,” Kwiatkowski claimed. “We are advocates of more flexible public procurement procedures,” he stressed. As he explained, among other things, tender procedures should be based on negotiations and the shortening of deadlines.

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