Unlucky Thirty

Being Thirty Today

Being Thirty Today

They are sometimes called the Woodstock or Pepsi generation and they do not want to grow up. According to the latest research, every third Polish thirty-year-old is still helped in some way by their parents. The GRAPE centre, which cooperates with the University of Warsaw, has found that the percentage of adult children living with parents and taking money from them, has increased over the past few years from 38.8% to 43.4% in Poland. This means that Polish people are closing in on the highly family-oriented Italians, and are moving further away from Scandinavia where only a small per cent of adult children are supported by their parents. What is more, about 34% of young people between the ages of 26 and 30 ask their parents for financial support. The situation is no better for the age group up to 35. Here around 20% take money from their parents. This latter data has been prepared by research institute Millward Brown, at the request of the National Debt Register. “Years ago, everyone at the age of 30 was considered an adult, middle-aged, someone who already had a job, a spouse and children,” according to Dr. Marcin Sińczuch, who is a sociologist at the University of Warsaw. He added, “Nowadays, 30-year-olds are halfway between childhood and adulthood.”

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