Russian Aggression Must Stop

Helping Ukraine

Helping Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk recently stated that the invasion of Crimea by Russia must stop in order to avoid any escalation of conflict, reports Reuters. “We need to put a stop to the aggressive actions of Russia in order to avoid a conflict,” said Tusk to journalists after a meeting with the leaders of Poland’s main political parties. He also emphasised that inaction cannot be considered a possible option in the present situation. “I do not want to remind everyone about the historical comparisons that can be drawn here, but history does show us that those who are intent on cooling things down in order to just keep the peace usually only gain a little time,” he said. Reuters states that Poland, which borders Ukraine to the west, is concerned about the safety of its own borders. Poland played an important mediatory role in resolving the conflict between opposition parties and the ruling party headed by the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Recently, John Kerry, US Secretary of State, answered journalists’ questions about whether the US would consider a military option as a possible solution to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. Kerry said that the US President “is considering all options.” It is also worth mentioning that PM Tusk, expressing full support for Ukraine, said that Europe and the world will not sit back and watch Russian acts of aggression.

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