No Russian Gas Problems

Should Tusk Be Worried?

Should Tusk Be Worried?

Poland will be ready for Qatari gas by the end of this year. The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk discussed Polish gas plans during a meeting with gas industry officials in Gustorzyn near Włocławek, where there is a gas distribution point. PM Tusk highlighted the fact that the new gas centre in Świnoujście should be fully-functional by 2015. He hopes that the Polish Parliament will embrace new legislation as soon as possible, which will enable the speedy construction of gas pipelines. Tusk has also ensured everyone that there will be no problems with gas supplies from Russia, regardless of Russian aggression towards Ukraine. The Prime Minister stresses that even if gas does stop flowing through the gas pipelines in Ukraine, Poland is still safe. “We have had confirmation from our Russian partners about the safety of supplies, although the situation is constantly changing,” said Tusk. According to initial plans, the LNG terminal in Świnoujście would begin operations by mid-2014 with the first Qatargas gas supplies reaching Poland this year. The Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) has already declared that they will be renegotiating the contract with Qatar.
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