Satan On the Loose

On The Rampage

On The Rampage

If you see him call the police, he is a ruthless killer and he is still on the loose and for all you know he might be living near you. 35-year-old Piotr Szymianiak, nicknamed Kujawa, murdered 32-year-old Tomasz Barcia when he plunged a knife into his heart a few minutes after midnight in Sochaczew. The killer is still hiding from the police. The stocky, well-built Szymianiak has trademark scars on his face. He has a shaved head and is almost two metres high. He has a tattoo of a demon an his back, the Grim Reaper on his stomach, and a triangle over his navel. “We left a party and were going to the park to let off some fireworks when a group of men approached us along with Szymaniak. He wanted to start a fight but we got away. Kujawa then went home and returned with a knife and murdured Tomek. We didn’t have time to react, nobody believed he might actually try to kill one of us,” said the shocked brother of Tomasz.

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