3D Road Signs

Better Ones Needed

Better Signs Needed

Students from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice have invented a technique for creating 3D road signs. The idea has won the recognition of police and local authorities. Unfortunately, the idea cannot be implemented because regulations do not allow for such signs. “The rules need to change because human life is priceless,” says Józef Kogut, chairman of the Foundation for Aid for Victims of Crime (FPOP). Not a day goes by when there is not an accident on a pedestrian crossing. Police figures are alarming. This year alone in the province of Silesia (Śląsk), there were 692 accidents in which 31 people dies and 444 were injured at pedestrian crossings. “All the casualties were pedestrians,” says deputy inspector Włodzimierz Mogiła, spokesman for the provincial headquarters of the Department of Road Traffic in Katowice. Preventive actions are ineffective despite the fact that drivers are regularly stopped and checked near pedestrian crossings. “Police should be posted at every pedestrian crossing, but this is impossible,” emphasise policemen. Students of the Signalis academic group at the Silesian University of Technology have hit upon a revolutionary idea. They have proposed painting road signs beside pedestrian crossings using a technique which would make them appear three-dimensional. It would be impossible for drivers to overlook such signs that are in the middle of the road. They would have to slow down.

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