Dangerous Weather

Windy Weather Ahead

Windy Weather Ahead

Damaged roofs and destroyed cars, hundreds of downed trees and broken power lines all as a result of strong winds which attacked Poland this weekend. On Saturday alone fire-fighters were called out 4,802 times, most often in the province of Mazovia. According to fire department spokesman Paul Fratczak, fire-fighters are mainly focused on removing uprooted trees and branches from roads, securing damaged roofs, removing collapsed advertising hoardings, fences and pillars. In some places strong winds reached speeds of 100 km/hour. One person was seriously injured when a tree fell on his car while he was driving. Rescue forces are also looking for a canoeist who went missing on Lake Dąbie. According to weather forecasts, strong winds will continue until Monday. Paul Fratczak says that, “Although things seem to have calmed down for now, we would like to appeal to people to stay indoors, not park cars near trees, and not take refuge under bus shelters or trees. If you have to leave the house, close all windows, remove all objects from balconies and make sure they are shut.” He also urges drivers to slow down and drive responsibly, and remember there is a high risk of cars losing control because of the wind.

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