Top Retailers in Poland

I Smell A Winner

I Smell A Winner

If you appreciate good service, choose a perfume store. This is according to research conducted by Daymaker, a company that measures customer experience in stores. The research was conducted using a method called ‘mystery shopping’, which involved a researcher posing as a customer, in 780 stores of 156 different chain stores. The maximum score was 100 points and if a store scored less than 40, it was judged that the service was of poor quality. The researchers were surprised that the quality of service is getting worse year after year. According to Sofia Valentin, from Daymaker Poland, “not a single store has invested in projects regarding customer service or staff training because everyone blames the crisis.” In order to maintain high quality, long-term investment in customer service is a must. The research shows that if one expects friendly service one should go to a perfumery, a jewellery store, or a pharmacy. For the second year in succession, one of Poland’s largest perfumery chains, Douglas, has come top with regards to best service. According to Agnieszka Mosurek-Zava, chairman Douglas Polska, it is of major significance to know their client’s wants. Besides, some clients may expect additional benefits while shopping, for example, free make-up. With regards to quality, two clothing companies, Polish suit maker Lancerto and Hugo Boss came second and fourth, respectively. Zara Home came third.

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