F-16 Jets in Poland

In Support

Supporting Poland

Several F-16 fighter jets have arrived for training exercises at the Łask Tactical Air Base from the Aviano base in Italy, according to the US Embassy in Warsaw. The US has also announced that the remaining F-16 fighters will arrive by the end of the week. The Polish-American military exercises are a response to the crisis in Ukraine and are much more significant than originally planned. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel commented last week about increasing military support for NATO members, including Poland. “The first batch of F-16 jets have arrived at Łask Air Base in order to strengthen the American air subdivision. By the end of this week 12 aircrafts will arrive in Poland,” according to an official US Embassy communiqué. Polish TV (TVP) has shown images of F-16s landing at Łask. According to TVP, there were six American F-16s. “The intensification of training courses and exercises organised by the Air sub unit shows that the US is committed to the collective defence of its allies,” according to the press release

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