Warsaw Murderer Arrested

Warsaw Murder

Warsaw Murder

Suspected murderer Jerzy B. has been remanded in custody for three months. A court in Warsaw ruled on the arrest of the 52-year-old man, suspected of committing two brutal murders in Warsaw. The man pleaded not guilty, however, he faces a life-term in jail. The two murders were committed in February and August 2013. Warsaw police spokesman Mariusz Mrożek told TVN24 that one murder was committed in the Wilanów district of Warsaw, the other in Ursynów. The victims were a 69-year man and 63-year-old woman who wanted to sell and rent their homes. Their bodies were found there. Przemysław Nowak, spokesman of the public prosecutor’s office, told TVN24 that Jerzy B. is a resident of Warsaw. “There are some doubts over why he did it. In the case of the first murder there is evidence that robbery was the motive but the reason for the second murder is not clear,” said Nowak. “His explanation is contrary to the evidence we have gathered,” he added, “At the time of his arrest, mobile phones were found in the suspect’s apartment and car, which he had used to call the victims and arrange to view their houses.”

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