Fantasy Festival

Fantasy Festival

Poznań’s Pyrkon

Pyrkon 2014, a Polish fantasy/sci-fi convention, will take place between 21 and 23 March in Poznań, temporarily changing both the Poznań International Fair, where the event takes place, and the whole city of Poznań into the capital of fantasy and sci/fi. An advert, encouraging people to take part in the event, has just appeared online and has already managed to cause controversy among Facebook fandom and other social networks. “I don’t see who the target is here and I don’t like vulgar sex-related sells,” writes Oskar on Youtube. “This is just another sex-sell. If you really want to have erotic motives in an advert for a fantasy/sci-fi convention, you should at least make the effort to connect it with the subject,” adds another internet user. In fact, the controversy is so fierce that some people have already declared that they will boycott the event. The wave of indignation has surprised the organisers of Pyrkon 2014, who made a recent statement concerning the advert declaring that they do not support either sexism or an excessive use of eroticism and that they are all in favour of equality. “We really just wanted to promote our giveaway of unique dice,” they claim, “The advert was all about showing our hobbies on the backdrop of everyday activities like taking a bath, and connecting the feeling of relaxation with this hobby”. The organisers also hope that they will succeed in winning back the confidence of fans if Pyrkon is a success.

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