Wind Damage Again

Fire-fighters Working Hard

Fire-fighters Working Hard

A recent windstorm that ravaged Poland last week felled thousands of trees, destroyed cars, and damaged over 500 roofs. As a result, fire-fighters were called out 5,615 times to help. Fireman spokesman Paweł Frątczak reported on Tuesday that on one day alone fire-fighters were called out a total of 1,467 times, mostly in the provinces of Pomerania (310 times), Mazovia (249 times), Warmia-Mazuria (222 times) and Kuyavia-Pomerania (184 times). “We had to remove fallen trees from roads, secure damaged and broken roofs, billboards and metal fences,” said Frątczak. Fire-fighter statistics show that the wind damaged as many as 580 roofs between the 15 and 17. Also dozens of cars were destroyed and many power lines were broken.

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