Exercises from the Stone Age

Chodakowska Under Attack

Chodakowska Under Attack

Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc, Poland’s very first TV trainer, coach and TV fitness pioneer, has been criticising fellow fitness fanatic and much-loved Ewa Chodakowska for quite some time. She castigates her young colleague claiming that one course of pilates does not give Chodakowska the right to give advice to other women about what to do to lose weight and get fit. Bojarska-Ferenc has been trying to discredit Chodakowska for some time. During celebrity Agnieszka Szulim’s TV show, Bojarska-Ferenc accused Chodakowska of using archaic methods. “The exercises proposed by Ms. Ewa come from the Stone Age. I believe that she offers women very scant knowledge and doesn’t have a very large skill set.”

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One comment

  1. Marta · July 25, 2014

    Let’s be honest Ewa got it right when it comes to understanding what public wants. When you watch cardio training your thoughts are: Never in a million years my body will get through half of this training, but when you look at what Ewa is proposing to girls you feel that not only you will be able to finish this training but also you can fit it in your bussy lifestyle, or around your toddler.


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