Marek Galiński Dies

With Us No More

With Us No More

The website has informed us that Marek Galiński has died in a car accident. Galiński was a fourtime Olympic champion, an excellent competitor and mountain biking coach. He was not even forty when he died. Marek Galiński had the highest number of titles of any mountain biker in Poland. He came top of the podium of the Polish Championships in men’s cross-country a record eight times. He won the MTB Polish Championship four times and was top in the general classification of the MTB Grand Prix. He represented Poland in the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and in Beijing (2008) where he picked up thirteenth spot, his highest position. He also took part in the Olympic Games in London (2012) but as coach for the Polish women’s team. Most recently, he had been coach of the Russian national team. According to the Polish Press Agency (PAP), Galiński had returned from a team coaching session in Cyprus and was driving back from the airport to his house near Opoczno. The accident happened near Jedrzejów. Galiński died in hospital.

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