Internet Generation

Internet Problems

Internet Problems

Every second teenager admits that spending excessive time on the internet badly effects how they study. “Life would be boring and empty without the Internet,” according to 51% of pupils of secondary, technical and vocational schools who participated in research undertaken by the National Bureau for Drug Prevention, which cooperates with the Center for Public Opinion Research (CBOS). Thid proves that the internet has become an integral part of young people’s lives. Every fifth teenager spends 4-5 hours a day in cyberspace. In addition, pupils of secondary schools spend more time on the internet in comparison with pupils of technical schools. Moreover, internet addiction leads to lack of sleep, neglecting study and household duties. Young people use the internet to find new contacts and what is more, “having a social network account serves as a status symbol for teenagers,” says Katarzyna Kalinowska, psychologist at Psychotherapy and Psychological Services in Warsaw. Researchers emphasise that young people usually portray themselves as they want others to see them on the internet. “Teenagers present a ‘brand’ to other people by uploading pictures and creating an image of an attractive and confident person. But the reality can be completely different. There is no line that is crossed that determines when social networking becomes a danger but parents should look for the warning signs. They should pay attention to whether their children spend a lot of time in the virtual world as opposed to meeting with friends, going to the cinema or playing football,” warns Kalinowska.

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