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New Solutions Needed

New Solutions Needed

Before the Brussels climate summit, the global organisation Avaaz asked Polish people about their attitude to climate change, Russian gas, and their standpoint on renewable energy. The survey was conducted by telephone on a group of 1,000 Poles on 14-16 March by TNS Poland. In answer to the question whether Poland should concentrate on developing its resources of renewable sources of energy so as to gain independence from Russian gas, 88% of interviewees said ‘yes’, with only 6% saying ‘no’. 59% of respondents want the Polish Government and Prime Minister Tusk to support the EU climate change policy of which PM Tusk is an opponent. The survey also revealed that more than two-thirds (67%) of Poles perceive climate change as a threat, which could influence them and their families in the upcoming years. However, 57% of respondents follow Polish politicians’ approach to climate change issues when it comes to their electoral preferences. “Poland has to choose between a future embroiled in climatic chaos and dependence on Putin’s Russia, or a new era of clean, safe, Polish energy. The majority of Poles hopes that PM Tusk will introduce their country to a more ecological and safer future,” said Alex Wilks, Avaaz campaign director. The heads of European countries are meeting in Brussels for a two-day summit. They will discuss a climate policy package that will be in force up to the year 2030. The main goals are the reduction of carbon emissions, improvements in energy efficiency, and the support of renewable energy. According to scientists, only reducing emissions by 50% will help us avoid a disastrous warming of the climate. This week the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Sweden and Norway were convincing Europe to accept ambitious targets in the reduction of emissions. Also, they will discuss a change in reliance on imported energy from Russia following the Ukrainian crisis.

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