Wind of Truth

Olsztyn City

Olsztyn City

A host of new buildings have been built recently in Olsztyn, however, not all have been to the highest of standards. Several months ago Polish National Railways (PKP) decided to redevelop stations and platforms in the Olsztyn region. PKP chose the most inexpensive subcontractors who enthusiastically got down to work. They even carried out their work in the winter time despite freezing temperatures. It was all for the comfort of passengers: new benches, computer timetable screens, and shiny boards with station names. Unfortunately, the last gale that swept across Poland put an end to it all. The strong wind left the new boards in Dworzec Zachodni hanging on their hinges. It is now apparent that they were extremely poorly made. There were around a dozen stations that were redeveloped this way. The old boards managed to last for years whereas the new ones have not lasted for more than a few months. Railwaymen have assured the public that all damage will soon be removed. Thankfully, the equipment is under guarantee. “From what I know, they’ve started repairs already,” said Ireneusz Merchel head of PKP Olsztyn.

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