Discovery of the Year

Pre-Columbian Discovery

Pre-Columbian Discovery

US Archaeology magazine reported that the Polish discovery of a tomb in Peru is one of the top discoveries of 2013. The team was led by Dr. Miłosz Giersz of the Institute of Archaeology and the Centre for Pre-Columbian Studies of the University of Warsaw. The research project in Huarmey, where the tomb was discovered, is one of nine research projects carried out in the Andes by the Centre for Pre-Columbian Studies. The tomb discovered by Giersz is of the Wari culture and dates back to the eighth century AD and is located 300 km north of the capital Lima. The objects found in the tomb include richly ornamented jewellery, luxury goods imported from remote parts of the empire, including obsidian and decorated ceramics, and a uniquely decorated ceremonial kero mug made of white stone. The tomb probably belonged to a wife of one of the rulers of the empire, which later laid the foundations of the Inca Empire. So far all known remains of tombs of the rich elite of this culture have long been looted or destroyed. The Polish archaeologists were the first to have an opportunity to examine an intact and complete tomb, belonging to the high aristocracy of Wari.

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