Foreign Higher Education

Education Problem?

Education Problem?

Over the past ten years the number of students studying abroad has increased around the world to 4.5m. According to various forecasts, in 2020 this number will increase to 8m. The majority of universities in developed European countries have opened their doors for gifted young people around the world. For example, last year the number of foreigners studying at German universities increased significantly with 11.4% of all German students being foreigners, according to DAAD in Bonn. Waldemar Siwinski, President of the Perspektywy Education Foundation states that over the past few years the number of foreign students has also increased in Poland. However, in terms of the overall percentage of foreign students, Poland comes second from bottom (1.39%) when compared with the EU average (6.5%). “We will still have a lot to do to get 50,000 students by the end of 2015 and 100,000 by 2020. This is the real target that we can and must achieve,” adds Siwinski. In order to understand how to increase the number of foreign students in Poland we have to “coordinate the policies and cooperation of central government organisations, such as the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to create a programme to promote education in other countries. As for universities, they should try and attract students with better study programmes and they should also provide students with the choice of studying in foreign languages, especially in English,” says Włodzimierz Nykiel, Rector of the University of Łódź.

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