Where is the Love?

Nobody Helped

Nobody Helped

Warsaw municipal police officers spotted an 88-year-old on the middle of a bridge trying to get from Bielany dictrict to Praga Hospital. Just after 9:00 a.m., the officer on duty received a bizarre piece of information that an elderly lady on crutches was walking on the Northern Bridge in Warsaw. However, she was walking the wrong way, heading towards Praga district. Police officers found her on the middle of the bridge, walking on the right hand lane. Cars were driving past her but not one of them stopped to help. When the officers finally reached her, they found a cold, petrified, lost elderly woman. It appeared that she not only had problems walking, but she also had problems seeing, which explained why she had found herself in such a dangerous place. It turned out that the lady lives in Bielany district and was heading to Praga Hospital for a medical check-up. She does not have any relatives who can take care of her and take her to hospital. “What is surprising is that not a single driver stopped and helped the woman, even though the situation was clearly dangerous and could have resulted in an accident,” officers say.

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