Changes in Commandments

The Church Has More

The Church Has More

Polish Bishops have changed the fourth Commandment of the Church. Now Christians can go dancing even on Fridays, except Lent of course. “We are doing this for the faithful,” say Church authorities. The document was drawn up a year ago but it was not yet in force. During the last Polish Episcopal Conference which took place on 12-13 March in Warsaw, Bishops approved the change of the fourth Commandment of the Church. Up till now, the fourth Church Commandment was: You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church and in periods of penance you shall abstain from participation in forms of entertainment. As the Church states ‘the period of penance’ is every Friday of the year because this is the day Christ died on the cross. Now abstention from dancing and the suchlike has been limited only to Lent. “The Commandments are not to bring distress to the faithful but to help them experience faith. The Church is aware of the times in which we live so there was a great need to change the fourth commandment,” says Father Mateusz Matuszewski. The modification of the Church Commandments evokes a lot of emotion. That is because we often confuse them with the Decalogue. Father Mateusz Matuszewski explains that there are two groups of commandments: the Ten Commandments and the Commandments of the Church. The Decalogue was given to man by God and these commandments will never be changed. As far as the Church Commandments are concerned they can be amended.

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