Time to Divide Ukraine

Ukraine Divided

Ukraine Divided

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a peculiar official communiqué from the Russian Duma: “Let us divide Ukraine between ourselves.” The deputy speaker of the Duma and controversial Russian MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky put forward the proposal, saying that Poland should demand that Ukraine organise a referendum concerning the incorporation of five Ukrainian territories into Poland: Volhynia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Tarnopil and Rivne. Similar ’offers’ have been sent to Hungary and Romania concerning the Zakarpattia and Chernivtsi oblasts. The only part that would remain intact would be the central part of Ukraine. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has labelled the proposal “absurd.” “Zhirinovsky should expect an answer but it will not relate to the contents of the communiqué. The very idea of putting forward the absurd proposal of participating in the dismemberment of an allied country is outrageous! Poland knows only too well the suffering caused by border changes. This is the invention of a sick mind,” said Tomasz Nałęcz, advisor to the President of Poland. “This is an attempt to mock, mislead and anger Poland. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will then say: ‘There was no communiqué.’ They are trying to frame us,” said Stanisław Ciosek, former Polish ambassador to the Soviet Union and Russia. “I advise the Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski to mock this communiqué on Twitter,” added Ciosek. Several days ago, in preparation for the communiqué he was to send, Zhirinovsky said that during Stalin’s regime, the territories of western Ukraine were ‘rightfully re-connected’ to the USSR. He also added that it was the correct thing to do as its main purpose was to prevent the German armies from reaching the Soviet border and keeping them as far away as possible. “But they weren’t Russian or even Ukrainian territories. They were the territories of Poland, the Polish Eastern Borderlands to be exact: Łuck, Lwów, Tarnopol, Stanisławów i Równe”.

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