Euro Good for Security

Makes Sense?

Makes Sense?

“Integration with eurozone countries will increase Poland’s security,” according to economist Piotr Bielski. However, he highlights that in order to say ‘farewell’ to the Polish złoty, the economy has to be ready for the change. Marek Belka, chairman of the National Bank of Poland (NBP), recently claimed that the Ukrainian crisis demonstrates how important it is to invest in the European Union and it may be worth taking another look at joining the eurozone. However, Piotr Bujak, chief economist at Nordea Bank Poland, believes that, as opposed to tight integration with eurozone countries, accepting the Euro will not increase Poland’s security per se. Bujak claims that in order to benefit from the Euro, it is important to prepare the economy first. In his opinion, Poland will not resign from the złoty until at least 2020. To compare, as far as security is concerned, Latvia relies more on NATO than on membership in the eurozone, according to Latvia’s former president, who introduced the Euro in Latvia at the beginning of the year. Valdis Dombrovskis highlights the fact that the eurozone is chiefly an economic structure.

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