Summer Time Begins

Going Forward

Going Forward

The change from winter to summer time takes place in the morning of 30 March 2014. We adjust our watches at 2:00 changing the time from 2:00 to 3:00 (in the morning). The time change roughly corresponds to the change from winter to summer and is also known as daylight saving time (DST) and will remain until 2 November 2014 when standard time (or winter time) comes into effect again. However, this is not so everywhere. For example, the US switched the time on 9 March, three weeks earlier than in Europe. Therefore, for three weeks the difference between the time in Europe and on the East Coast was not six but five hours. This three-week time difference window between the Old Continent and the New is particularly important for people moving between the two continents and, for example, for business people tracking events on the stock market. Trading on Wall Street begins at 14:30 Polish time giving Polish investors more time to analyse data. When we go to sleep on Saturday 29 March, it is important to remember that the next day, on Sunday, 30 March our clocks have moved forward so we sleep one hour less.

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