Classroom Innovation

Counting Hands

Counting Hands

Łukasz Konopka, a Sieradz high school student has invented a device, which automatically checks student attendance. He was already writing computer programmes in primary school and pursued his interests in high school. Last year Łukasz was a finalist in a competition on technological innovation. This year he has a new device to present at the competition. He tested it out at home and he is going to set up an experiment in class. Łukasz explained, “I created the device to help teachers and students save time. There are 36 people in my class and it usually takes about 5 minutes to check the register, which is four teaching hours a week. So, thanks to my device, we can have more time to study. It took a lot of time to realise the idea. Now every student will have a gadget that has an encoded ID number. My invention should be installed at the entrance to the classroom in order to transmit the codes when students enter the classroom. This data is then transmitted to the teacher’s computer and is stored in the electronic school journal.

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