Poland Protecting Forests

Future of Poland

Future of Poland

The 90th anniversary of Poland’s State Forests National Holding (Lasy Państwowe) has taken place in the Polish parliament. During the celebrations, Ewa Kopacz, the Speaker of the Lower House (Sejm), highlighted the fact that forests need special, constitutional protection. She hopes that this initiative will find the necessary majority in parliament. Kopacz is of the opinion that there should be a paragraph in the Constitution about the privatisation of Poland’s national forests. The Minister of the Environment Maciej Grabowski added that the government will back the initiative. He is of the opinion that “it might enhance the good economy of forests”. The Forest Research Institute is the main partner which will be working on changes to legislation. The head of the institute Janusz Czerepko said that the draft has already been finished. It covers the public nature of forests and the banning of their privatisation. There are over 9 million hectares of forested land in Poland, and the foresting sector employs 400,000. The foresting market generates 2% of Polish GDP.
Gazeta Prawna

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