PM Tusk Faces PR Disaster

Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises

The Polish government is looking for money so it can keep its own promises but the budget cannot afford any more unexpected costs. Last year the government cut funds for the renovation of local roads in order to save money. The government did this at the last moment when local governments had already made preparations for their investments. What is more, the cuts were high and amounted to PLN 750 million. The PLN 250 million that remained is not enough for the most important investments. So, the government has started looking for money and found additional funds in the State Forests National Holding, which will boost the budget coffers by several million zlotys. Thanks to this financial boost, the funding for the renovation of local roads will increase. However, the Polish government is now planning to transfer these funds to finance an increase in benefits for the parents of disabled children. This is necessary but why should it take place at the expense of public roads? Why did the Prime Minister not look for the money as part of the reform of miner pensions or social insurance for farmers? Is he afraid of them? At present, the parents of handicapped children are causing a PR disaster for PM Tusk in their quest for higher benefits. These parents have only been shouting, screaming and crying to fight for their rights. On the other hand, miners and farmers have more effective weaponry in their arsenal: burning tyres, blocking roads and going on strike.
Gazeta Prawna

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