Poland At Risk?

What is He Planning?

What is Putin Planning?

The Polish Minister of Interior Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz recently said that “There is no threat to Poland from Putin, but the conflict could reach us. The situation is a whole new chapter in modern politics.” He added, “the Polish government must take into account all eventualities, including war. The Prime Minister is not idly bandying around the word ‘war’, but is calling a spade a spade.” Sienkiewicz was commenting on Donald Tusk’s speech in which he stated that nobody knows if children will go to school on September 2014. Since 1945 no country has altered the borders of another country with aggression. This opens up a whole new era in the history of Europe, where anything is possible. Sienkiewicz said, “We have to focus on this issue because Poland has experienced too many traumas associated with war. There are no indications of a direct threat to Poland resulting from Putin’s aggression but it is hard to predict the developments over the next six months. Who knows, the conflict could reach our borders.” According to the Minister of Interior, an open Russian-Ukrainian conflict cannot be excluded.

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