Greatest Discovery

Eclipsing Tutankhamen

Eclipsing Tutankhamen

Archeologists from the University of Warsaw are one step away from discovering the sarcophagus of Egyptian Pharaoh Herihor. If they reach the burial chamber of Herihor, the discovery will equal that of the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. Andrzej Niwiński, a professor at the University of Warsaw, head of the Polish expedition and a well-known Egyptologist and archaeologist said that Pharaoh Herihor was probably one of the best known Egyptian Pharaohs. “As a Pharaoh, Tutankhamen had no claim to fame. He is well known in history mostly thanks to the discovery of his tomb, which was completely intact, filled with treasures and not violated by grave robbers. In 11th century BC, a rebellious Egyptian army plundered all the temples and tombs in the Valley of the Pharaohs except one, that of Tutankhamen. As for Herihor, he was a general and Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian army. He was the first to arrive to crush a rebellion. After that he decided to make his own tomb impregnable.”It has already taken fifteen years to reach the tomb. It is difficult and laborious work. Andrzej Niwiński continues: “Herihor’s tomb is exceptionally protected with tons of huge stones.  According to our assumptions, up to 5000 tons of stones were crumbled and up to 1500-2000 are left to reach the tomb this autumn.”

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