Operator Helps Childbirth

Saved a Life

Saved a Life

Last week, a man rang an emergency number requesting help for his wife who was in labour. Before the dispatcher got through to the emergency medical services, she offered some advice that helped in the safe birth of the child. The Pomeranian regional governor ordered a check of the operators of the 112 emergency number and medical dispatchers. According to procedures, if the emergency dispatcher is unable to connect the caller, they are required to stay in touch with the caller. In the meantime, another operator attempts to get through to the emergency medical services. Fortunately, the operator, who spoke to the man trying to help his wife, had medical qualifications. She instructed the man not to try to pull out the child by force, even though the head was already visible. The child was safely born before the ambulance arrived. “The operator has asked to remain anonymous. She says she was only performing her duties,” says Roman Nowak, press officer to the Pomeranian governor.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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