PO Failing Poland?

Failing Poland?

Failing Poland?

According to right-wing Gazeta Polska, Poland’s leading party Civic Platform (PO) has failed the nation. Several years ago, Bronisław Komorowski said, “Poland is safe, because it is involved in dialogue with all its neighbours. Several days ago, MP Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska of PO said on Republika TV station, “I would rather die than bring a handicapped child to parliament” only to later later say that one cannot take advantage of someone’s pain for political gain. What do these two sentences have in common? It reveals the essence of PO and their rule. In fact, it is just another way of saying the now-famous “Let’s do less politics, and build more stadiums.” The current government has finally realised this slogan. The drive to deprive citizens and the nation of government protection has been institutionalised. The consequences of these actions can be seen today. As a political community, we are defenceless against the Russian offensive in Central and Eastern Europe and as citizens, especially the weakest, we are defenceless against the economic crisis.

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