Poland and Ukraine

Poland a Real Member?

Promises Broken?

According to Gazeta Polska, Poland was and continues to be a second-class member of NATO. What is more, Poland’s freedom is of mediocre quality, fragile, temporary and it has regressed in recent years. Although it may look different from a Ukrainian point of view, Poland is somewhere between Putin’s Russia and the countries in which freedom and democratic principles are actually respected. The choice facing Ukraine now is the choice between the free world and the post-soviet world of despotic rule, which does not respect the rights of individuals, where the media, controlled by the ruling camp, are an obedient propaganda tool, where the opposition is limited, where shady interests take charge, where corruption and nepotism rule, where people are kept under surveillance and intimidated, and those particularly inconvenient for the regime are often victims of mysterious crimes or commit suicide unexpectedly. Two clear paths.

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