Policeman Causes Accident

Danger Man

Danger Man

The search for a Częstochowa policeman, who fled the scene of an accident without helping the victim, continues. At around midday last week, a BMW was towing a Fiat Punto. The towrope probably snapped which led to the Punto rolling over. However, the BMW sped away. The man who was driving Punto was injured and suffered multiple fractures. He was taken to a Częstochowa hospital and still remains there. The driver of the BMW was a police officer, who works at the local Police Headquaters in Częstochowa. He was on leave at the time. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Myszków has launched an investigation. “The police officer will be charged with inadvertently causing a car accident, in which the victim sustained injuries. Proceeding are underway with regards the search for the suspect. They are large-scale,” says Zbigniew Wytrych, the Myszków District Attorney. He could face three years in prison, although this could be increased to four-and-a-haf due to the fact he is a policeman and that there is suspicion that he was driving under the influence. The prosecutor’s office is not excluding the possibility that the two drivers are both responsible for the accident. Regardless of the prosecutor, the police have initiated internal proceedings to expel the police officer. The wanted 31-year old has been a police officer for ten years. His family has also reported his disappearance. Initially the search was veiled in secrecy but recently the police asked firefighters for support in looking through the forests near Koniecpol. “They didn’t tell us who they were looking for,” reported the firefighters unofficially.
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