Tarnawa Rapist

Tragic Crime

Tragic Crime

A man kidnapped, imprisoned and raped a teenage girl. The investigation into the events that took place in Tarnawa, Poland, has now come to an end. Zdzisław M. (53) had been observing his neighbour for a long time before he kidnapped and beat her. The girl was imprisoned in her neighbour’s home where he raped and planned for her to become his wife. The public prosecutor found that the rapist, who lived alone, had been watching his victim for two years. On 6 September, 2013, the 18-year-old girl was passing his house, Zdzisław M. attacked her, hitting her with a bat and then dragging her into his apartment. “The man held the victim all night during which time he beat her and raped her three times, burned her purse and cell phone,” according to Ilona Sowińska the deputy prosecutor in Włoszczowa. The next morning the offender left his home to feed his animals. The frightened teen found his phone and called her mother, police reported. Zdzisław M. was then arrested and the girl had to spend seven days in hospital. The rapist did not have a criminal record and had a reputation as a peaceful man.

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