Eurolot and LOT Problems

Taking Off?

Taking Off?

Positive change will be affected in Polish aviation through personnel changes in Eurolot and National Airports. The Ministry of Treasury expects that Eurolot will cooperate more effectively and successfully with LOT and that National Airports will become more commercialised. The establishment of a Polish Aviation Holding can only take place after transforming National Airports into a joint-stock company. “Cooperation on the stock market between Eurolot and LOT in order to improve the financial situation is the main intention of the board of supervisors. “The current poor standard of both aviation companies is a result of a host of factors,” says Rafał Baniak, deputy Minster of Treasury. In February, Tomasz Balcerzak, the new CEO of Eurolot, was until December a member of the LOT board. Balcerzak replaced Mariusz Dąbrowski, who resigned for personal reasons before his term of office was completed. Baniak emphasises that Balcerzak has great experience in aviation and his future in LOT will have a positive effect on cooperation with National Airports.

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