Rolling Stones in Poland

Still Can't Get No...

Still Can’t Get No…

The manager of the Rolling Stones has announced that a concert will take place at the National Stadium in Warsaw at the personal request of the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski on the 25th anniversary of the free elections held on 4 June 1989. The Rolling Stones want to do something similar to U2 who had a concert to mark the anniversary of German reunification, reports Polish Radio One. “We knew that 4 June is an important day for Polish people, although we were not fully aware of what happened on that day,” admits the manager. “The Stones have prepared a surprise. They will sing the famous Maryla Rodowicz song “Niechżyje bal” (‘Long Live the Ball’). There is no lack of great Polish rock songs that Mick Jagger could sing. So, we are not ruling out the possibility of other Polish songs being sung. The Rolling Stones remember the Warsaw concert of 1967. There were a lot of people and it was really hot,” continues the manager. A group of Polish artists wrote a letter to Bronisław Komorowski protesting against the Warsaw concert. “We oppose this cultural initiative, which will result in making a substantial financial contribution to a foreign artist. The celebration of our national victory should be an opportunity for the global presentation of Polish music,” wrote Krystyna Prońko, Robert Chojnacki and others. However, much to the annoyance of Polish Stones’ fans, it turned out that the concert announcement was an April Fool’s joke by Polish Radio.

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