Polish Education Disaster

Typical Student?

Typical Student?

Polish students scored below average on the PISA problem-solving test. “It is easier for Polish teenagers to solve a maths problem than to buy a cheap train ticket. The latest PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) 2012 results show that Polish teenagers cannot cope with real-life problems,” according to Gazeta Wyborcza. “Creative problem-solving and tackling real-life problems is an additional part of PISA, which aims to measure the abilities of teenagers. Last year, in December, when PISA published the reading, maths and science results, it turned out that Polish teenagers were the cream of the crop in European countries with regards to maths putting the average Polish 15-year-old on a par with Finland, which is the leader,” we read in Gazeta Wyborcza. However, this time around, the PISA results in creative problem-solving have been published. And there is nothing to brag about. “15-year-olds in Poland scored below the OECD average. In thirty minutes they had to cope with tasks that were connected with the use of modern technology. The tasks included how to use a ticket machine to purchase the cheapest train ticket available, setting up an MP3 player according to specified guidelines or changing air conditioner settings without having any instructions,” describes Gazeta Wyborcza. The results were disastrous for Polish schools. Polish students scored an average of 481 points. The average for all countries was 500.

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