Downsizing Polish TV

Not Cultured

Not Cultured

On Wednesday, 9 March, Leasing Team won a tender for taking up to 550 employees from the Polish Television (TVP) payroll. The employment agency offered the highest bid. Allegedly, the changes will be implemented in June. According to the plan, coordinating editors will still be employed by TVP, however, employees whose duties do not require an employment contract, e.g. make-up stylists and graphic designers, editing staff and journalists, will be employed by the agency. Staff enrolled by the employment agency will be guaranteed a two-year contract, with no changes to the contract guaranteed only for the first year. The transfer of staff to the outsourcing company is the first stage of restructuring at TVP. The plan involves changing employment contracts to task-based contracts thus encouraging some staff to become self-employed. Naturally, trade unions strongly oppose the changes. On 7 February, the Wizja trade union declared a one-hour warning strike. The organisers also sent a letter to the Prime Minister informing him about the restructuring plans of the TVP management board. TVP wishes to cut costs and the Ministry of Treasury expects progress in the restructuring programme. Rafał Baniak, deputy minister at the Ministry of Treasury, has praised the methods employed by the management board. “The net income of TVP for 2013, although negative, will improve by PLN 200 million compared to last year. Such an improvement in the financial state of the company is a result of the efficient restructuring programme. We expect TVP to continue restructuring whilst assuring high-quality programming and improving financial performance,” declared the minister.

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