Polish Education Problem?

Bricks in a Wall?

Bricks in a Wall?

There are 36,000 foreign students in Poland from 149 countries, which is approximately 23% more than in the previous year. The largest group, more than 15,000, are Ukrainians, according to the ‘Perspektywy’ Educational Foundation. Students from Ukraine already make up 42% of the total number of foreign students in Poland, and are followed by students from Belarus (3,743), Norway (1,580), Spain (1,361) and Sweden (1,251). According to Perspektywy data and the Central Statistical Office (GUS) precisely 35,983 foreign students were studying in the 2013/14 academic year. This equates to a 23% increase in the number of students from outside Poland. “Such a sharp increase has not yet experienced in Polish universities,” reads a Perspektywy report. At the same time, the iPerspektywy’ Educational Foundation also claims that the internationalisation of higher education in Poland stems not only from an increase in the number of foreigners, but also an unprecedented decline in the total number of students. There are currently 1,549,877 students in Poland (2013/14) which is actually less than 125,000 compared to last year.

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