Spaghetti Won’t Fly in Poland

He Boils in Poland

He Boils in Poland

According to Grupa IQS, an independent research company, less than 20% of Poles think that the Polish courts should allow the Polish Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to be registered. “The lack of support for registration is evident; 59% of Poles are against its registration and around 25% are undecided. There is a certain pattern among people who believe in the registration of the Spaghetti Church. For example, the majority of them have at graduated from high school,” says Marta Rybicka, from Grupa IQS. The results of the poll are satisfactory for the followers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (called Pastafarians). “We did not expect as much as 17% support,” commented Andrzej Kuliński, spokesperson for the church, who is especially satisfied with 10% support in rural areas. “This means that people from rural areas are increasingly more aware of human needs and their world view is not affected by factors that may depreciate other faiths”. He also discusses the group of people who are undecided: “This group is rather large in both the countryside as well as in the city. What is more, this group does not seem to be in opposed to the church’s registration. As a faithful Pastafarian, I am sure that the number of people who support our case will rise as well as the number of followers of our wonderful religion.” The whole community is controversial because many people consider them anti-religious. Recently, the Regional Administrative Court overruled a decision of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization not to register the Church in the Register of Churches and Religious Unions. This decision has made future registration still possible.

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