Richest Place in Poland

Growing on Trees?

Growing on Trees?

Poland’s Ministry of Finance has estimated the income of Poland’s munipalities, counties and provinces based on the tax declarations of each inhabitant in Poland’s three administrative areas: the municipality (pol. gmina), county (pol. powiat) and province (pol. województwo) for 2014. The average tax income for a single inhabitant in all municipalities in Poland is the so-called “Gg” indicator and has been estimated at PLN 1,358.98 this year. However, there are huge differences between municipalities. The tax revenue of the most wealthy municipality in Poland is almost 100 times higher than the revenue of the poorest local government. At present, Kleszczów, near Bełchatów, is Poland’s richest municipality. The poorest is Łukowica in the province of Mazovia.

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