Song of Maidan

Ukraine Burns

Ukraine Burns

Taraka’s song “Podaj rękę Ukrainie” (Give Ukraine a Hand) has become the unofficial anthem of the Ukrainian Euro-Maidan. Karol Kus, the leader of the band admits, “I have cooperated with Ukrainians for many years. Last year we recorded our debiut joint Polish-Ukrainian serving of Slavic music. When the revolution started I decided to get involved somehow, support our brothers and express our solidarity. We wanted to support the desire of Ukrainians to be free and independent. This is the climate in which the song was born”. Many artists performed with different songs on the Maidan stage. How did you find out that your song “Podaj rękę Ukrainie” had become a kind of anthem? Karol Kus: I was in London at the time and I received a phone call and was told about it then. The song has become evidence that Poland really cares about the tragic events that have happened there. Then we arrived in Kiev and went on stage to sing the song together with thousands of people. I realised that our goal had been achieved. The song touched the hearts of ordinary people and I think and hope Ukrainians realise that we are brother nations.

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